Use of the Varnum Memorial Library Building                (Effective February 26, 2019)

Policy Statement

The Varnum Memorial Library (hereinafter referred to as “VML”) has no designated meeting space separate from the collection and other library activities during normal operating hours.  The Crescendo Club Library Association (hereinafter referred to as “CCLA”) allows the use of our public space outside of library hours to minimize disruption of our basic purpose and mission.


  1. Our space is available to Town of Cambridge and Villages of Jeffersonville and Cambridge municipal organizations, and 501(c)(3) non-profit groups in our service area.

  2. For the organizations above, the hours available for meeting use are those outside of normal operating hours and at the discretion of the CCLA, A library representative OR their designee may be required to attend.

  3. Elected officials, within our service area, may use the Library building for non-campaign activities in a manner that does not interfere with scheduled programming or library patron use, during normal operating hours with the approval of the Director.

  4. Events must be non-commercial and non-profit in accordance with the CCLA’s no solicitation policy, and free and open to the public.

  5. All events exclusively presented by the external organization may be publicized by the CCLA via their normal publicity venues.  This Publicity may indicate that the meeting is held/hosted at the VML, and will clearly state when the event is solely presented by the external organization.

  6. At the discretion of the CCLA, some programs may be co-sponsored, in both scheduling and publicity.

  7. The library staff will maintain the scheduling calendar at the circulation desk.  It is helpful for Events to be scheduled a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance.  Library-sponsored activities will take priority over all others.  Proof of 501(c)(3) status may be requested at time of scheduling.

  8. A library representative may be required to be in attendance to open/close the facility, and to direct any special setup of the meeting room.  A library representative is defined as a staff member, CCLA trustee/member, or a regular library volunteer or designated individual. The circulation desk will not be open during after-hours events, and no regular library services will be available.  

  9. The VML has a laptop, projector and screen available.  These should be reserved at the time of scheduling, if needed.  A representative from the organization must have sufficient knowledge to use these devices.  If assistance is needed, a request should be made in advance.

  10. Setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the organization using the space, and non-compliance may affect future eligibility for use of the Library building.

  11. Due to limited facilities, there will be no refreshments prepared at the library. Refreshments may be used in the open meeting space, or at the tables, but not near the computers, books or circulation desk.

  12. The sponsoring group will ensure that all event attendees abide by the CCLA’s Code of Conduct Policy, and that the event complies with State Fire Codes.

  13. The group sponsoring the event will be held liable for any damage to the building, collection, furniture or library-owned equipment.

  14. Depending on the nature of the event, proof of insurance may be requested.

  15. The VML, its trustees, the CCLA and library representative attendant are not responsible for damage to materials or equipment brought into the building by the sponsor.  The sponsor agrees to indemnify all these parties and hold them harmless from any and all claims, action, and/or causes of action of any kind which may arise out of the use of the building by a sponsoring group.