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Slow Democracy With Susan Clark

Just as slow food encourages chefs and eaters to become more intimately involved with the production of local food, slow democracy encourages us to govern ourselves locally with processes that are inclusive, deliberative, and citizen powered.

In Slow Democracy, community leader Susan Clark and democracy scholar Woden Teachout describe how citizens around the country are breathing new life into their communities. Large institutions, centralized governments, and top-down thinking are no longer society’s drivers. New decision-making techniques are ensuring that local communities—and the citizens who live there—are uniquely suited to meet today’s challenges. In Slow Democracy, readers learn the stories of residents who gain community control of water systems and local forests, parents who find creative solutions to divisive and seemingly irreconcilable school-redistricting issues, and a host of other citizen-led actions that are reinvigorating local democracy and decision making.

Susan Clark is a writer and facilitator focusing on community sustainability and citizen participation, and an award-winning radio commentator and former talk-show co-host. She is coauthor of All Those In Favor: Rediscovering the Secrets of Town Meeting and Community. Clark served as communication director of the Vermont Natural Resources Council. Her community development work has included coordinating a rural grants program and directing a community activists’ network for the northeastern U.S. and Canada, and she has taught community development at the college level for ten years. Clark’s democratic activism has earned her broad recognition, including the 2010 Vermont Secretary of State¹s Enduring Democracy Award. She serves as Town Moderator of Middlesex, Vermont.

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